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Lottery Credit

The lottery credit is a State property tax credit for people who own their primary residence. For example, property owners are eligible for a lottery credit in 2023 if they owned their primary residence and lived there on January 1, 2023. The credit for tax year 2023 ranges from $229 to $372 depending on the school district you live in. More details are on the State Department of Revenue FAQ page.

STEP 1: Does your property qualify?

Was your property Owner Occupied as the Primary Residence on January 1?

  • YES ... Continue

  • NO ... Stop Sign Your property does not qualify.
STEP 2: Does your property already receive the Lottery Credit?

Check your tax bill or Access Dane (Primary Residence ONLY).

Lottery and Gaming Credit Lottery and Gaming Credit on Access Dane


Does the "Lottery & Gaming Credit" line display a dollar amount other than $0.00 for the current tax year?

  • YES ... Stop Sign You already receive it.
  • NO, it's blank ... Continue
STEP 3: Apply


  • Lottery Credits stay with the property until removed by the owner or the State Department of Revenue.
  • Wisconsin provides Dane County with completed applications on a monthly basis.
  • For a 2023 late Lottery Credit, you will need to upload one of the following when you apply online BEFORE October 1:
    • Copy or photo of your Tax Bill -OR-
    • PDF of your e-Bill from Access Dane
  • A late lottery credit claim will automatically add the credit to future tax bills.
  • After applying, verify by checking your next December tax bill.