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Pay Property Taxes Online

This site is for the collection of Real Estate tax payments for Dane County WI parcels using a credit/debit card or an e-check.

December & January: during these months...

  • Dane County only accepts online payments for delinquent taxes.
  • Current year tax payments must be made to the local municipality (city, town, village) where the property is located.
    • Please contact your local municipality to see if they accept online payments.
    • See the County Directory for contact information.

After February 20:

  • Dane County can accept Real Estate property tax payments online through this site EXCEPT current year City of Madison taxes.
  • The City of Madison Treasurer collects current year taxes through July 31; Dane County collects AFTER July 31.


Please Note:

  • The County does not accept savings account transfers, ACH transfers, or wire transfers for payment of Real Estate tax due. Attempts to make these transactions will be rejected and no payment will be recorded.
  • Debit cards are processed as a credit card.
  • *E-check payments must originate from a standard checking account. This will require changing the default "Payment Method: Credit Card" on the yellow/gold Point&Pay site under "Payment Information" using the drop-down menu. Please double check accuracy of the account number and the bank routing number before beginning your transaction.
  • All payments entered on this site are subject to the laws of the State of Wisconsin.


Access Dane Logo

(1) Lookup parcel ... (2) Click "Pay Taxes Online"


Fee Notice

Online payments made to this site will have the convenience fee:

  • Credit/Debit card = greater of $1.50 or 2.39% the total payment
  • E-check* (routing & account number) = $1.50 flat fee

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