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Information on this page is to assist professionals and others working with paying property taxes.


Taxes Due

Payment Options

  • OPTION 1: full payment by January 31
  • OPTION 2: installments
    • City of Madison installments
      • Send to Madison before due dates
      • January 31, March 31, May 31, July 31
      • Send to Dane County after final due date
    • Non-Madison installments
      • January 31 (first installment to municipality)
      • July 31 (final installment to Dane County)
    • Collected solely by the local municipality (City/Village/Town)
    • Local municipal contacts are listed in the County Directory


  • Dane County does NOT accept wire or ACH payments (see FAQ: Ways to Pay Dane County).
  • Partial payments are always accepted.
  • Must pay AT LEAST the amount due by the due date to prevent delinquency.
  • Payments received after 5 working days following a due date accrue monthly 1.5% interest & penalty on unpaid principal as-of February 1 (10.5% in August).
  • "Who made a payment" is not recorded.
  • "Delinquencies and late payments" are not reported to credit companies (see Data Extractions below).
  • E-Statements with the current year taxes are updated AFTER February settlement around February 20 (for payment status on the current year before this, please contact the local municipal treasurer listed in the County Directory).


Access Dane

Property Tax Information

  • E-Bill (
    • Who to pay
    • When to pay
    • Amount to pay from the original tax bill
    • Current mill rate on the parcel
  • E-Statement (
    • Amount due to Dane County for the current month
    • Adjustable for future months
    • For current year payment status between December and February settlement (around February 20), please contact the local municipal treasurer listed in the County Directory.
  • Payment History (
    • Tax year to which payments were applied
    • Date payments were posted
    • Dollar amount of payments
  • Drainage District Payment Status (
    • Under "District Information"
    • Current farm drainage assessment
    • Unpaid farm drainage balance due
    • Collected solely by the local municipality (City/Village/Town)
    • Local municipal contacts are listed in the County Directory


No Tax Info Message

  • The above message identifies this as a new parcel
    • New legal description
    • New parcel number
  • December tax bills are based on parcel status and assessment as-of Janaury 1 in the given calendar year.
    • After this parcel exists on January 1, a December tax bill for this parcel will be calculated.
    • Check the retired "Parents" at the top of the page for the most current tax information.

Retired Parent Button

  • Tax bills for retired-parent parcel/s (parcel/s split or merged mid-year) are mailed to the last recorded owner/s of the retired-parent parcel/s.
  • You may need to check retired-parent parcel/s for tax status, as this would affect the child parcel/s.
  • Buttons, like the sample above, are at the top of each parcel page in AccessDane and navigate to the respective parent or child parcel/s.
  • If the parcel is in the City of Madison, please contact the assessor at to identify parent or child parcel/s.




  • "Who made a payment" is not recorded.
  • Overpayments are returned to the person or entity that created the overpayment.
  • Payment History on AccessDane identifies
    • Date payments were posted
    • Dollar amount of payments
  • Payment History on AccessDane should reflect approximately when the bank processed said payment.
  • Specific payment research:


Mill Rates

Mill Rates


Data Extractions

Data Extractions

  • Wis. Stat. Ch. 19 Subchapter II (Public Records and Property)
    • Right to inspect or obtain copies of government records
    • Only applies to records existing at the time of request
    • §19.35(1)(L): “does not require…creat[ing] a new record by extracting information from existing records and compiling the information in a new format.”
  • TWO data extractions created from multiple records can be provided by email and linked via parcel number
    • Property Description Extraction $125
      • Owner names
      • Addresses
      • Assessment information
    • Tax Information Extraction (Bank Exchange file) $75
      • Current tax year
        • BEFORE July 31 due date: excludes City of Madison
        • AFTER July 31 due date: includes City of Madison
      • Prior tax years: includes all Dane County municipalities
    • Format: ASCII text files (readable in a text editor, Excel, or Access)
    • Email questions to:
    • Provide email address & make check payable to:



  • Data extraction requests between late November and early December will be provided after tax bills are prepared on the 3rd Monday of the December.
  • Data extraction requests around January 31 or July 31 dues date will be available after the respective February or August settlement is complete.




Access Dane Website

Municipal Contacts (phone & email)

  • Search for the parcel in Access Dane (
  • Under the blue Parcel Summary bar, click "Show Municipal Contact Information"
    • Assessor: annual valuation of property & filing an appeal at Board of Review
    • Clerk: works with the assessor on propety valuation appeals & claims
    • Treasurer: tax collection status & payment methods
    • Zoning Administrator: zoning compliance & changes